Are you new to bulk bags? not sure what bag you need! its simple, bulk bags are a highly versatile way of packaging products, from aggregates to chemicals to everyday uses such as gardening there are bulkbags to suit every need.

There are lots of names that bulkbags are referred to;FIBCS,TOTEBAGS,POLYPROPYLENE WOVEN SACKS,INDUSTRIAL BULK CONTAINERS,TONNE SACKS and BUILDERS BAGS, but they all refer to the same thing, its just they are so versatile they have many different uses, we can cater for all with our partners, we have a selection of off the shelf new bags that are ready for immediate delivery and specific sizes we can have made from scratch, if you are not sure what size or specification of bag you require give us a call for some free advice, sometimes for your requirement you might not need a new bulk bag and a reconditioned bag will suffice at a fraction of the price.

Fibc’s are usually made from polypropylene or polythene making them strong and recyclable after use, which means the bag you use today could be the bottle you drink from tomorrow.

With us there are no hard sell tactics, we offer free advice so even if you are not sure what you need give us a call and we’ll hapily discuss your requirements. You don’t always need an expensive new bulkbag – sometimes a reconditioned fibc will suit your needs for a fraction of the price of new, our reconditioned fibcs are individually checked and cleaned by our team to ensure you get the best quality fibc.